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About Our School


Goshen Elementary School
Goshen Elementary School has twice been recognized as a National School of Excellence. The faculty and staff take great pride in providing comprehensive and meaningful learning experiences for the children of the school community, while following guidelines established by the Kentucky Department of Education.

Goshen Elementary School first opened its doors in August of 1979 with an enrollment of 450 students. Today, Goshen Elementary is home to more than 660 students, and is led by Ryan Rodosky, Principal.  Goshen was originally located on Highway 1793, but is now located in the Hillcrest Subdivision, proudly displaying colors of green and yellow, and loving our mascot, “The Gator”.

Goshen Elementary provides a comprehensive curriculum for students in Kindergarten through Fifth grade. The curriculum is built around Kentucky's Core Content Guidelines and provides a full range of services for students to support their learning needs. Students in kindergarten through grade five are offered an enriched academic program based on state and national curriculum standards. Instructional strategies include, but are not limited to, cooperative learning, small group and one-on-one instruction, using hands-on activities, and inquiry-based learning. Students participate in music, art, drama,Spanish, and physical education on a rotating schedule.

The arrangements of grade levels allow the staff at Goshen to continue that strong commitment to academic excellence and continue to provide a secure and nurturing environment for all children to be successful.

Goshen Elementary is known for its ability to build strong partnerships between school, home, and the broader Goshen community. Through this cooperative venture, our students will learn to make wise decisions regarding their future, acquire the confidence, courage and tenacity necessary to find solutions to difficult problems, and remain acutely aware of the rights and needs of their community.

Mission Statement

The mission of Goshen Elementary School, with the help of parents and the community, is to promote the overall intellectual, physical, emotional and social development of each child so that she/he will become a productive, healthy, creative citizen of our society.

L1G4 - Learners first, gators forever!

Gator Motto

Go the extra mile!
Act responsibly!
Treat self and others with respect!
Open your mind and heart!
Reach for high goals!
Share your gifts and talents!