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Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books Basics

Battle of the Books is a reading incentive program in which teams of students read books, write questions, and later answer questions about the books they have read. Students should be working on building their reading comprehension as they read. They will later compete as teams, first in their classroom and 
then among other teams from their grade level, to see who can recall the most about the books they read.

Why have Battle of the Books?

  • Promotion of literature and libraries
  • Competition with focus on academics 
  • Team Building
  • Recognition of importance of reading 
  • FUN!



  • Assign students to 4 multi-ability teams per classroom
  • Share books with students (you may want to keep track of who has what book using the forms provided)
  • Make sure students turn in their questions as they finish reading a book 
  • Make sure each student reads at least two books 
  • Remind students regularly of their responsibilities 
  • Enjoy your students enthusiasm about the books


  • Read at least two of the books for their grade level 
  • Enjoy the books they read 
  • Write 5 questions after reading each book (form provided) that take the following format “In which book…..” 
  • Learn the Title and Author (first name and last name) of each book 
  • Take care of the books and return them promptly 
  • Work cooperatively with their teammates 
  • Choose a team spokesperson/captain

Library Media Specialist

  • Provide books to the teachers 
  • Organize and order materials 
  • Meet with teachers and students to answer questions 
  • Read books 
  • Prepare questions 
  • Organize and schedule the tournaments 
  • Conduct tournaments 
  • Supervise school team at district competition

4th and 5th Grade Battle of the Books Titles - 2023-2024

4th Grade BOB Titles 2023-2024

5th Grade BOB Titles 2023-2024

4th Grade Question Submission Form

5th Grade Question Submission Form